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Jake’s Café is a highly collaborative, multi-disciplinary community of creative thinkers that enjoy working together to solve business and marketing problems in unique ways. Maybe you need a cool app, a creative idea or some brand consultation to put a little muscle in your sales and marketing effort.  Or maybe you have a tougher nut to crack, like a corporate culture issue, new product launch or a sales meeting. You might need a team with an architect, interior designer, writer, video producer, composer, sound engineer,  and an intellectual property attorney.  Maybe you need access to a 3D printer.  That’s simply the beauty of working with Jake’s.  It’s a creative community with all the talent and resources you’ll ever need. Right here, in one place.

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Enjoy the newspaper or magazine and warm cup of coffee in our south lounge. A great place for small meetings too!

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Need a little creative horsepower? Graphic Design? Film? Sound? Intellectual Property Consultation? Check out our community page above. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

The Jake’s Café 20,000 square foot creative campus is the brain-child of founder Tryg Jacobson. It was inspired by Richard Florida’s “Rise of the Creative Class” and the award-winning architectural firm of Kubala Washatko. Jake’s Café is comprised of four beautiful landmark buildings in the English, Carpenter Gothic, Greek Revival and Federal Styles. Our amenities include a first class theater, focus group facility, boardroom, conference rooms, kitchens, and lounges in a variety of styles from casual to corporate.  We also offer special weekly events, “Food For Thought” educational luncheons and programming to inspire our members.

Please Join Us! Work With Us!

If you’d like to work with our members, you can view and contact them on our Community page. If you’d like to join Jake’s Cafe, read our Statement of Beliefs and feel free to explore our Campus as well as the offices that are available for rent on the Join page.

We’re currently looking for new members in these classifications:  Web Design, Computer Programming, Social Networking, Industrial Design, Landscape Design, Event Planning, Energy Consulting, Fashion Design, Performing Arts, Studio Arts and Nutrition.

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Jake’s Cafe has over 50 different offices spaces in a variety of architectural styles. You add the color!


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